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Chicks News - 11th June 2021

This week our topic book was Number One Sam by Greg Pizzoli. The story is all about a dog called Sam who is the best race-car driver in history. One day however, his best friend, Maggie, shows that she has racing talent of her own and Sam doesn't know how to handle coming in second place. We loved the twist in the story when Sam chooses to save five little chicks instead of winning and realises that the cheering at the finishing line was aimed at him all along, despite the fact he wasn’t number one.The book is all about celebrating sports and understanding that it is the taking part that counts even if we don't always win. This was a great book to introduce our conversations around Sports Day and all the races we will be preparing for!

During Art, we were inspired by Sam and worked collaboratively to create our own racing car! We used using junk modelling and had fun free painting the car together. We also used colourful feathers to decorate the chicks.

Our time spent in the Outdoor Learning Environment has been dominated by completing practice races ready for our Sports Day in a couple of weeks’ time. As well as discussing our favourite exercises and learning about the benefits exercise has on our bodies, the children discussed healthy food and the importance of drinking enough water. We shared conversations about vegetables and learnt about where and how they grow. The Pink Chicks created a large ‘healthy foods’ poster with food magazine cuttings which will be displayed in their café role play area this week. We were very proud of the children for being able to recognise a range of vegetables including asparagus and beetroot and knowing where these grow.

During Cookery, the children made fresh fruit smoothies using seasonal berries such as strawberries and blueberries and the results were delicious with most the children asking for a second helping! We also used the activity to discuss the different textures and sizes of the fruits, comparing which ones were the biggest and talking through our likes and dislikes.

Number One Sam also led us onto a discussion about kindness and the importance of helping each other. The children discussed the acts of kindness they do for each other and what kind of emotions this may evoke in them. They used mirrors and emotion cards to name the different emotions and had lots of fun making funny faces at themselves with some of them taking selfies too.

During Maths, the children focused on counting and number recognition with some of the older children creating number lines from one to ten independently.


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