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Chicks News - 20th October 2023

The Chicks Topic story this week was Press Here by Hervé Tullet. The children pressed the yellow dot on the cover of this interactive book and followed the instructions within, embarking on a magical journey! Each page instructs the children to push the button, shake it up, tilt the book, and who knows what will happen next.

The children had great fun this week exploring colour in many ways. On the Messy table the children mixed red, blue, and yellow paint with the shaving foam. On the table they melted the coloured ice using warm water and salt. The children also made marks on the paper with cars and paint.

For our Focus Maths activity the Chicks sorted the coloured spots and made patterns. We had loots of fun playing physical games in the Outdoor Learning Environment, listening to instructions and following directions using the parachute.

The children also went on their first Learning Walk around the estate where they were given the challenge of listening out for and identifying the environmental sounds. The Pink Chicks went on a letter hunt with a focus on the letter sound ‘s’.

It has been a great week and we are wishing everyone a wonderful half term break.


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