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Chicks News - 8th December 2023

This week the Chicks continued to delight in all of our festive activities.

They have been exploring different textures such as cloud dough and hay in our Small World area, where the children practised re-telling the Nativity story using props. The children also enjoyed practising their spooning skills and using their imagination whilst making reindeer food for Father Christmas’s hungry reindeers who have a very busy job to do.

In Free Play the Chicks have been busy making arrangements using a variety of Loose parts on cut out stars and practised counting objects. We even travelled to space in our space rockets using our imagination skills to find stars and other planets! The children continued to use their imagination and used a variety of construction materials to create amazing creations such as a chimney, that Father Christmas gets stuck inn. They loved singing the song ‘Father Christmas, Father Christmas, he got stuck’ whilst making their creations. They also enjoyed working together to make a stable and we have had a lot of discussions about all the characters from the Nativity.

The Chicks have enjoyed a variety of Christmas related books and one of their favourite stories has been ‘Dear Santa’ where the children loved to open up the flaps to discover what present was behind it! They have all loved rehearsing for our upcomign Christmas concert and have worked very hard at practicing the songs and remembering the words.


During our Outdoor Learning Environment, the children were keen to make Christmas cakes and special Christmas dinners using a variety of natural materials. They explored different types of herbs and smelt them, before adding it to their delicious foods!


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