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Chicks News - 8th March 2024

The Chicks have had another fun and busy week. The children brought in their favourite books in to share throughout the week to celebrate World Book Day. We had so much fun reading and re-telling stories by using a variety of story spoons and props. On World Book Day the Chicks dressed up as their favourite story book character and the teachers did too!

We also had another exciting day on Bring Mummy to School Day where the Chicks made their Easter Bonnets with their Mummy in preparation for our Easter Parade.

Elsewhere in the classroom, we continued with our focus on story books. The Chicks loved exploring the Farm and animals where Peter Rabbit had come to visit. They also enjoyed looking for objects hidden in the sand tray with shells. The children practised their counting skills by finding all the small characters as well as exploring the texture with their hands.

During Cookery the Chicks thoroughly enjoyed making Blueberry Muffins where they took turns with their friends, measured the ingredients and discussed all the different ingredients and texture before combining all the ingredients together to form a dough.

The Chicks were keen to make pretend food for The Tiger Who Came to Tea, using play dough, tea pots, milk pots, cups, plates and utensils. They also loved playing with the Dolls House where they used their imagination and discussed the different sized beds, bowls, chairs and re-told the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children used various construction materials to build houses and beanstalks, working together with their friends for story related scenes.

During our Outdoor Learning Environment the Pink Chicks went on an adventure as they acted out the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt using lot’s of imagination and the Green, Yellow and Orange Chicks went on a Scavenger Hunt where the children looked for pictures of familiar story books. The Chicks were all very excited to discuss their findings and talk about the different characters.


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