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Fledglings News - 10th May 2024

The Fledglings were excited to be back in the classroom after the bank holiday weekend and have loved our Topic Book, Cleo the Completely Fine Camel. The story is about a camel who kept insisting that she was fine when really she wasn’t and this offered a platform to encourage the children to have the confidence to speak out when they are not feeling ok, especially as we prepare for their transitions to the next stage of their education. 

Our topic book also expanded on the children's interest in cacti and we used playdough and clay to create our own cacti in the classroom. Their interest stemmed from last week's visit to the Garden Centre where we chose a cactus for the classroom. 

We were blessed with beautiful weather for our Outdoor Learning Day this week and we enjoyed bark rubbing to create our phenology wheel segments. We also tried a shadow drawing activity but we found it unsuccessful. This created the opportunity for the children to use the resources in a different way. It was great to see them working together as they used the wool to design a big spider web. 

Our planting Focus Time was a big hit with the children and it was wonderful to see them making links between previous focus activities where we have explored the stages of a plants growth and learnt about what plants need to thrive. What a great week! 


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