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Fledglings News - 13th January 2023

It was wonderful to welcome the Fledgling back to the classroom after the Christmas Break and the children greeted the changes we had made in the classroom with enthusiasm. Our newly added Creation Station was a big hit and the children made good use of the extensive DT resources available to them, creating telescopes, birthday gifts for siblings and colourful ice creams.

We moved the Role Play area to provide additional space and the Doctors Surgery proved extremely popular amongst the children where they cared for each other and the babies who were poorly.

Our Topic Story for the week has been the book Kind, which is a collaborative created by different illustrators. The children have loved the book and we have made links with our Classroom Principles through reading the story and adding our own ideas. In September we introduced the children to a termly Significant Person who we will study and learn about. This term it will be Jane Goodall and the children were fascinated by the details of her life.

Our Focus Time activities throughout the week have involved discussion around the Christmas holidays and it was lovely to hear the children discuss time spent with immediate and extended family, exciting Christmas gifts and delicious food. We have also spent our Literacy and Maths Focus Times developing the children’s writing skills by looking at how to correctly form the letters and numbers.

In our Outdoor Learning Environment the children have enjoyed rediscovering the delights of the mud kitchen and sand pit area where they used pipe work to create sand cylinders and baked a selection of delicious cupcakes in the kitchen. The Fledglings have also enjoyed being physical on the climbing frame and building their strength and coordination skills as they navigate the space. It was lovely to see the children using their imagination to create games of their own and following obstacles course we created for them.

Alongside our outdoor activities we have enjoyed a busy classroom with collage and cutting activities, small world play with the Knights and Princesses, Kinetic sand creations, Lego construction and a variety of mark making activities!


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