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Fledglings News - 13th October 2023

The Fledglings have been fascinated by this weeks Topic Story I Won’t Eat That! where we have been discovering the different types of food eaten by animals.

We linked this to our fundraising event for Mary’s Meals and what people around the world eat, with our Porridge Day celebration on Tuesday. The children loved celebrating World Porridge Day and we enjoyed eating the porridge at Snack Time where the children added fruit to their bowls to create faces. We built on their excitement about Porridge Day by looking at some videos showing the work Mary’s Meals does and exploring a map of the world and seeing where they work.

As well as the excitement of Porridge Day we enjoyed a visit to the Secret Garden at Finton House. Travelling by bus was of huge excitement for the children and they asked lots of questions about how the bus knows to when stop, why the teachers have to pay and the children don’t and how many different buses stop at our stop. The morning at the Secret Garden was filled with wonder as the children delighted in finding animal friends, drawing maps on the chalk board with chalk pens, baking in the extensive mud kitchen and building their gross motor skills climbing on the logs.

As well as these two big events the children loved helping each other and their teachers in the Doctors Role Play. Our Small World Messy play was busy as the children loved discovering the texture of the water beads which we used as plankton for feeding the ocean animals. The children also love spending time working One to One with their key teachers to build their skills.


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