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Fledglings News - 16th June 2023

The Fledglings have had a busy week preparing for two events, Sports Day and Fathers‘ Day. The classroom has been busy as we paint, draw and collage the different elements of Sports Day boards and this has been the focus of our Art projects, which we even got the Daddies involved with which they loved!

The lovely weather has brought lots of opportunity for water play in our Outdoor Learning Environments. We looked at how the sun creates electricity by using a solar powered water fountain and the children took care of the plants, carrying the watering cans around to the different plants.

We loved using the iPad to create our cards for Fathers’ Day. We took inspiration from our Topic Story Superhero Dad and the children used an age appropriate drawing app to create pictures of their Daddy as a Superhero. The week ended with the highlight of the Daddies joining us on Friday morning for 'Bring Daddy to School Day'. The Fledglings enjoyed craft activities in the classroom and construction and climbing in our Outdoor Learning Environment before one of the Daddies read our Topic Story. What a super week in the Fledglings!


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