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Fledglings News - 18th November 2022

The Fledglings Topic Book for this week has been Actual Size by Steve Jenkins, which we have used as springboard for discussions and learning about measurement!

The children loved our Maths Focus Time, inspired by the book, where they sequenced themselves from the shortest to the tallest before using pictures of themselves to complete their activity sheets. They were so excited to see the pictures of themselves and we had a lot of fun using them for the activity.

This week's Art project took inspiration from the pictures in our Topic Story and we used the leaves and natural items we had collected during an Outdoor Learning Day a few weeks ago to create animals. The brown bear and tiger from the book were particularly popular choices amongst the children and some of the Fledglings enjoyed creating their favourite animals as well. It was lovely to see the children’s excitement as they opened their pressed leaves, gazing in wonder at the changes they could observe.

Throughout the week the children have engaged in a variety of activities in the classroom, building their personal, social and emotional skills, including toy washing, construction with the Lego, playdough tea parties and ring games. Through our Phonics activities we have also been looking at identifying initial sounds including working with digraphs.

This week we explored a different section of the common on our Outdoor Learning Day and were blessed with sunshine despite the wet weather earlier in the week. The children loved climbing on the fallen down tree, digging in the mud for worms, spotting mushrooms and there was lots of excitement when we found a frog which stimulated lots of discussion about where it had come from and where is was going!


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