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Fledglings News - 26th April 2024

This week the Fledglings have enjoyed the Topic Book The Extraordinary Gardner which is a story about a little boy whose imagination helps to build a city of colourful plant life. The Fledglings have continued their learning about plant life through their play and discussions and it was wonderful to see their delight in this across the activities this week. The topic book also supported our learning about Earth Day and the children loved creating seed bombs with upcycled egg cartons. 

Our Garden Centre Role Play area has been a hive of activity throughout the week and we have explored seed planting, flower pruning and leaf impressions using playdough as well as continuing to discover details of the life cycle of plants. 

The highlight of the week was definitely our trip to the Secret Garden at Finton House. The Fledglings love everything about these trips and are now able to recall the bus number, how many stops we need to take and follow our safety rules well. We loved using the twine and string to make webs and discovering interesting bugs hiding under the logs. 


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