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Fledglings News - 26th January 2024

We have has a very exciting week in the Fledglings classroom. We continued with our Artists Topic by exploring the unique felting Art of Moy MacKay. We discussed the materials she used, where they came from and we began to create our own felting projects for our Art Exhibition. It was wonderful to see the children embracing a completely new way to create art. 

We also enjoyed a lovely visit to The Secret Garden at Finton House. The children are able to recall the details of our journey, how many stops we have to take on the bus and which number bus we need to get. They loved playing Hide and Seek, searching for ‘animal friends’ as the children like to refer to the slugs and snails, and mixing potions, soups and cupcakes with the mud kitchen resources. 

Back the nursery we were extremely lucky to have a special visit from an Art Lecturer at Chelsea College of Arts, who came to talk about the work of Paul Klee, sharing examples of his work and details about his life. He encouraged the children to look closely at the shapes, colours and images in the pictures and we enjoyed discussing the images as a group, sharing our thoughts and opinions. The children then had the opportunity to use a selection of colourful shapes to create their own art in the style of Paul Klee, exploring how the colours changed with the overlapping shapes. It was a wonderful Cultural Capital experience. 

Our regular curriculum continued alongside these special events and the children explored correspondence counting in our Maths Focus Time, adding petals to flowers to match the petals to the numerals, shared their weekend activities, searched for hidden letters in our Phonics based Literacy Focus Time and engaged with the variety of free play resources provided. 


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