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Fledglings News - 30th April 2021

This week our topic book was A Superhero Like You by Dr. Ranj Singh. The book explores a conversation between a little girl and her mother about the different occupations she could do when she grows up and why whatever she does decide to be will be exciting and important. The Fledglings instantly connected to this book because they are already filled with ideas about what they might like to do when they grow up! There were children who wanted to be scientists, teachers, firefighters, police officers, doctors, vets and so many other wonderful occupations. The children were especially interested in discussing why these occupations were important to them, giving reasons such as wanting to look after animals and people or wanting to make new discoveries through experiments.

During Free Play we decided to explore occupations further through imaginative and role play. In the Red group the children pretended to be detectives, working together to solve mysteries whilst in the Blue Group the children had fun pretending to be Hairdressers, helping each other with a range of wonderful hairstyles! The children furthered their understanding around occupations through small world play and activities, using our fire station, vets, deconstruction and other small world and physical activities to open up discussing and learning around the different jobs and what they entail.

Tactile activities are incredibly popular amongst the children and this week we continued our learning through touch by mixing cornflour with shaving foam and cornflour with ice. We also practiced flossing by removing playdough from construction blocks with string. The children showed great interest in the activities and were able to discuss the importance brushing their teeth and the reasons why we floss.

The Chicks created lovely Space Rockets from boxes as their DT activity this week and the Fledglings we're given the opportunity to vote which rocket was their favourite! This was a great opportunity to discuss the upcoming elections, why and how we vote and to link this back to our learning of British Values.

Our Mud Kitchen and Sand Pit have been able to open again and the children had an amazing time digging, mixing, and engaging in tactile, creative and imaginary play. Some children also chose to use planks and tyres to create and obstacle course while other children used the planks as skis!

Our week flew by very quickly and we are looking forward to having more fun and learning next week!


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