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Fledglings News - 30th September 2022

The highlight of this week has been our Grandparents Day celebrations where we had the opportunity to welcome everyone's Grandparents into the classroom.

To prepare for our celebration we chose the topic book Grandude’s Green Submarine by Paul McCartney and we have focused our attention on sharing all the activities and fun we have with our Grandparents. The children have loved the colourful pictures from the story book and linking parts of the story to their own lives and experiences. In preparation for the Grandparents we also refined our fine motor skills by creating wonderful origami flowers for our cards.

Throughout the week we have enjoyed using a variety of small world scenarios including the dolls house, train tracks and a tea party. Our Role Play Area has been set up as a garden centre and the children have used the till and gold coins to sell and buy flowers.

We have extended our learning of plants outside by planting plants and bulbs in the Outdoor Learning Environment. This was a popular activity for the children and led to a lot of discussion around how plants grow and what they need. We continued this interest and exploration during our Outdoor Learning Day where we observed the changes to the environment as the seasons begin to change.

Our Maths activities through the week included correspondence counting, copying patterns and comparing groups of varying amounts, and it was amazing to observe the children independently extending these activities through their play.

Our Outdoor Learning Day is always very popular and we enjoyed a lovely morning on the common where in addition to observing the changes of the seasons, we created art using leaves, twigs, pastels and spray paints. The children have loved seeing their art on display in the classroom and sharing it with their Grandparents.


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