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Nursery News

It was lovely to welcome the children back after the Easter break and everyone spoke of their lovely holidays.

The Fledglings enjoyed the activities revolved around the traditional tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”. They have produced an amazing 3D beanstalk which is surrounded with their recollections of the story, all of which are most insightful! The children were also eager to share their holiday news, which they did in great detail.

Blue group were mesmerised whilst making butter during Science whilst Red Group planted beans - both inspired lively discussions about cause and effect. Everyone honed their sequencing skills when ordering varying sizes of beans and used shape purposefully to make collages.

The Fledglings began their “Artist” topic this week and explored the work of Claude Monet and Roy Lichtenstein. They painted and stencilled their interpretation of works by both. They also created pictures inspired by the book “DOT’.

Red Group recapped counting and numeral recognition, were introduced to the concept of money, worked on isolating phonemes in simple phonic words and explored the different features of plants. Blue Group focused on addition, were introduced to capital letters and linking the sound to the name of each letter. They used various props to inspire their creative story telling activity and recapped positional language with the aid of colourful blocks.

Reading and addition activities continued during one to one sessions.

The Chick’s activities were focused on ’A Hole in the Bottom of The Sea’. They enjoyed creating vibrant under the sea collages using a range of materials and exploring small world sea life in the “black spot ocean”. We discussed the names and features of many of the creatures and made jelly, adding fruit to depict fish in the sea. The children quickly picked up the tune and words to the song accompanying the story, often being heard humming to themselves around the classroom. Folding and chopping was the focus of our cookery activity as everyone prepared vegetable wraps. Recapping phonemes s,a,t,p and n and also introducing i whilst playing Bingo were the objectives of Pink, Yellow and Orange Group’s literacy lessons whilst Green Group focused on rhyming. Following the children’s interest we further explored shading, matching fish to their shadows. During Music we revisited rhythm and beat whilst experimenting with different instruments.

The Children inspired by our British Value resources replicated iconic buildings using a range of construction resources during free play which also prompted ongoing conversations about the features and location. The DT area was also busy as the children used recyclable materials to build and chalk boards to draw famous landmarks. The 345 Post Office role play area, chosen by the children, was over run with customers returning parcels which needed to be weighed before they were able to calculate the postage costs.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment the children refined their gross motor skills whilst completing obstacle courses, wriggling through tyres, riding tricycles and tackling the climbing structures. As always the Mud Kitchen remains a hive of activity with our budding chefs concocting various dishes.

Josefina continues to teach Spanish on Thursday mornings. In the first half of the Summer Term the Fledglings will learn Spanish phrases about movements such as walking and jumping and about animal movements: flying, swimming, trotting. They will also learn about chickens and chicks, bunny rabbits and cars. You can find all the new vocabulary here:

The works in the Outside Learning Environment will commence on Wednesday 8th May and will be carried out in two stages allowing the children to access the garden. We anticipate the project will be completed by the end of the Whitsun half term.


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