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Welcome to the
345 Nursery School

We are an independent preschool for children aged 2 to 5 - the first steps in your child’s learning journey start here.

345 Nursery School in Wandsworth is one of three independent pre-schools, all based in South West London. We are owner-led, and use a blend of Traditional and Montessori methods to deliver a program that is varied, holistic and child centric. Working with each child individually, we instil the foundations of EYFS, whilst fostering confidence and excitement about learning. Children leave 345 ready to thrive academically and emotionally at school.


“We are so impressed with all the opportunities you’ve provided. The standard of learning is simply fantastic.”

— Sarah, 345 parent

“Our daughter absolutely loved 345 - if it had been up to her she would have gone on weekends as well.”


— David, 345 parent

“The dedicated managers and their staff provide a highly successful, challenging curriculum that builds on what children know and can do. ”

— Ofsted

“Nurturing, forward-thinking, responsive, creative - the team are everything you could wish for in your child’s first educational experience.”


— Christina, 345 parent

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345 Nursery is located on the edge of Wandsworth Common. It features a large classroom and outdoor learning space. We make extensive use of the Common to extend our learning environment, mixing forest school methods into our curriculum.

345’s joint Principals, Jill and Katka, are delighted to offer personalised tours of the school.

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345 Wandsworth is part of the
345 Nursery Schools Family
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