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Chicks News - 10th June 2022

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

This week our Topic story was A Hole In The Bottom Of The Sea by Jessica Law. In the story we find out that the sun feeds the weeds which feeds the snails which feeds the crab which feeds the squid which feeds the eel that feeds the shark! This fun singing storybook takes the children on an adventure to the bottom of the sea. The children dive in to the ocean to meet a shark, an eel, a squid, a crab and a snail. Watch out you don’t want to be eaten by the shark as you dive deep, deep down to the world at the bottom of the sea! The story offered a great introduction to the food chain as well as introducing us to a range of marine animals!

The story inspired us to take the children on our own underwater adventure during our Write Dance Focus Lesson. The Chicks held on to their noses and jumped into the ocean, using their upper arms to swim down to the bottom of the sea. On our way they meet an eel so the children moved their arms and wrists in time to the music to become eels too! Next the children became crabs and they had great fun walking sideways and using the fingers as pinchers. After meeting the different sea creatures the children then repeated their actions onto paper. They held their pens in a tripod grip to make waves, straight lines and loops while pretending to be eels, crabs and the sunshine rays that reflect into the water.

During Free Play the children had great fun playing with water. They discovered a range of sea creatures hiding under the rocks and shells in the messy tray. In the Outdoor Learning Environment they also played with the boats and funnels where they did fantastic waiting and turn taking.

We took inspiration from our topic book by transforming our Role Play into an aquarium. The children love to dress up, and on this occasion they became pirates, mermaids and scuba divers where they travelled to the bottom of the sea to see the sharks, eels, jellyfishes, crabs, and various fishes.

One of our highlights this week however was going on our Outdoor Learning Walk to the Common. The Chicks walked to the pond to observe the ducks and ducklings and enjoyed using the iPad to take photos of the natural surroundings around the pond!


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