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Chicks News - 12th January 2024

We were all delighted to welcome the Chicks and the new starters back after the Christmas break. The children were excited to talk about Father Christmas, presents and holidays with their families.

We began our week by talking about friendships, emotions and playing together. To help us with theses discussions we chose the Topic books, Friendship is like a Seesaw by Shona Innes and Ìrisz Agócs for the Pink and Yellow Chicks and George’s 1st Day at Nursery by Neville Ashley for the Green and Orange Chicks. 

Both stories talk about sharing, working together and getting to know our friends and the importance of playing together in harmony.

While the Green and Orange groups settled into their new routine the Pink and Yellow groups began their week by recapping our learning about being kind to our friends, sharing and working together as a team. We did this by playing a great team game where children all worked together to move the parachute up, down and around the circle. The children quickly worked out that they needed help each other to enable for this to happen. We also played “Who is hiding under the blanket”, and this was a great game for the children to recognise who was missing from their group.

In Focus Time we talked about our emotions and feelings and discussed how certain situations might make us feel for example how would we feel if our friends were mean and didn’t want to share or how we would feel when we are all playing together.

Our Role Play Area was set up as a 'Home Corner' and the Chicks were busy tending to the house, looking after the babies, cooking and ironing. It was lovely to watch the children play together, taking turns while extending their growing vocabulary.

Throughout the week the children have explored a variety of activities both in the Indoor and Outdoor Learning Environments. Inside the classroom the children played together with the small world dolls house, farm, dinosaurs and space rockets. On the Messy table the Chicks explored playdough, flour, chalks and water play. Finally in construction activties the children pieced together the Mega Blocks, Duplo, and the large foam bricks to build roads, towers, houses and lots of other wonderful creations.


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