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Chicks News - 12th May 2023

This week the Chicks Topic Book was Jack and the Beanstalk by Nick Sherratt and Stephen Tucker. The children have loved listening to this classic fairytale about a boy that sold his cow for some magic beans. Jack takes his cow to the market and was offered magic beans in exchange for the cow. When his mother sees the beans she is very angry and throws them onto the compost heap and sends Jack to bed. Jack wakes up to find a very large beanstalk towering way up into the clouds. He is very curious to find out what is at the top of the beanstalk and starts to climb. When he reaches the clouds Jack finds a castle. On the door it reads “ No Children Aloud” but Jack is brave and enters to find everything is “Very Big” and a hen calling out to him. Jack then gathers up the hen, harp and the money and makes a dash when the Giant appears. “Fe fi fo fum I smell I boy good enough to eat” bellows the Giant. Jack runs and climbs down the beanstalk, calling for his mother to bring the axe. He hacks down the beanstalk and the giant lands in the compost heap where he is still there today!!

The children have had fun acting out scenarios from the story in many different ways throughout the week. They used the characters and the story spoons to try and sequence the story, working together to remember the events. On the rug the children played with the Small World house with props from the story and created their own narratives. On the Messy table the children made the Giant's face using Loose Parts and playdough. In the Outdoor Learning Environment they worked together to build a beanstalk using the large Duplo bricks and were all excited to see the Giant on top of their beanstalk!!

However, the highlight this week was the Chicks' opportunity to plant their own beans. Each Chick planted their own bean and we also planted beans into bags which we have displayed one on the window sill and on the entrance door. We learned about what beans need to grow and the children discussed which beans will grow the quickest, the beans in the sunshine or the beans in the shade. We will have to wait and see!

We all look forward to another busy week at 345 Nursery next week.


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