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Chicks News - 13th October 2023

The Chicks Topic Book this week was Goldilocks by Nick Sherratt and Stephen Tucker.

The children loved opening the flaps in the book to find out what Goldilocks was up to. Goldilocks was a very curious and nosy little girl and decided to walk into the bears' house. She ate the porridge, broke the chair and feel asleep in baby bears bed! Goldilocks woke with a startle and ran all the way home, never to return again.

The Chicks loved this story and we used it to expand our language and vocabulary through acting out scenes from the story.

On Tuesday in was National Porridge Day and the children learnt about the charity Mary’s Meals who we were fundraising for. We discussed the importance of sharing and helping others in need. This was also a great learning point following on from Harvest Festival. We learnt that Mary’s Meals is a registered charity which sets up school feeding programmes in some of the poorest communities,where hunger and poverty prevents children from gaining an education.

During Circle Time the children used props to help their understanding of Mary’s Meals. The pink Chicks used porridge and spoons to feed the baby that was hungry and needed to eat. The Green and Yellows Chicks talked about sharing our food with those that are hungry and in need of food.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment the children made sticky porridge using soil, mixing in in the water to make the porridge. They further developed their gross motor skills by climbing up the large climbing walls and ropes. Some of the younger children found that if they used their feet to push the tricycle up the slope and by pushing off at the top of the slop the tricycle would come down the slope without using their feet.


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