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Chicks News - 16th June 2023

To begin our preparations for Father's Day we chose the topic book Daddy's Sandwich by Pip Jones. The book encourages the children to discuss their Daddy’s favourite things from food to hobbies. The children really enjoyed engaging with this topic and they were excited to get ready for Father’s Day and our Bring Daddy to School Day this week.

The Chicks got very creative in Art, making their Father’s Day cards. They created wonderful Lion themed cards where they used a fork to create the Lions mane, adding goggly eyes, a nose and a happy smile. They particularly loved choosing different jewels to decorate the lion's crown. They were all very proud of their cards and extremely excited to give them to their Daddy’s on Sunday!

During our Literacy activity the children signed their Father’s Day card. The older Chicks were able to independently write their names while the younger Chicks traced over the yellow writing.

One of our activities this week was making sandwiches with the Loose parts and the playdough. The children used two slices of wooden bread to build their sandwiches. We had smelly cheese sandwiches, jam, marmite and broccoli sandwiches, just to name a few!

The highlight this week our Bring Daddy to School Day on Thursday and Friday. The Chicks and their Daddies played with the pirate ships in the water. The also used the fishing rods to find the letters and the Daddies were amazed to find that their Phonics knowledge was amazing. Elsewhere in the classroom they counted the coloured balls, placing them into the wooden holes and on the rug they all worked together to build towers, bridges and houses. Finally, they worked collaboratively to make crowns for one of our races for Sports Day.

In the Outside Learning Environment the Chicks showed their Daddies how adventurous they all were by taking risks whilst climbing around the climbing frame and down the firefighters pole and climbing up the bouldering walls.


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