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Chicks News - 17th November 2023

The Chicks have had a very busy week at 345 Wandsworth and have enjoyed exploring a variety of activities inspired by our topic book We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger. This lovely story gave the children the opportunity to develop their learning about Autumn.

The story is about a group of friends and they go on an amazing adventure, a leaf hunt! This leads them on a journey over a mountain, through a forest, around a waterfall, and across a lake. They collect leaves from different trees at each spot and when they arrive home they are ready to jump and play again. This particular book makes for a fun read aloud, where the children can echo the repeated phrases and act out the actions.

During our Art activity this week we have been focusing on using Autumn colours such as reds, browns and yellows to create beautiful leaf prints. The children also learnt about mixing colours by using red and yellow together to create a beautiful orange.

We continued to explore activities linked to our topic story throughout the week. The children loved making houses using a variety of construction materials, such as Magnatiles, stickle bricks and foam blocks. They used their imagination skills with the Dolls house by placing people and furniture in different places, as well as using their recall skills to re-enact our topic book story.

The children have loved exploring Autumn colours in the Messy tray and made marks using cars. They also had lots of fun using diggers and small vehicles to transfer leaves in the sand.

The Chicks have been keen to create their own version of a tree by using loose parts, sticks and coloured chalk in trays. They used their hands to explore the texture and continued using their imagination skills. In our Maths lesson, we practised counting leaves as well as looking at different sizes.

In our Write Dance session the Chicks further developed their gross motor skills by creating large circular and up/down movements whilst using colourful scarves to the music ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, but sang the words from our topic story ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’. The children then continued these movements by making motion in flour. The children also made marks using large colourful chalks on paper.

During our Outdoor Learning Walk, the children observed different leaves as they belonged to different trees. We also discussed colour names and sizes. The children were involved in creating with nature as they picked up leaves and sticks to make patterns and creations. The Chicks then made crowns the next day at Nursery using the leaves that they had collected, which also helped to support the children’s fine motor skills.

We ended the week with lots of discussions about Autumn and we made vegetable soup in our Cookery lesson. The children practised their fine motor skills to chop up vegetables and we talked about where the vegetables came from as well as naming them and identifying their colours. The children then enjoyed having their soup once cooked for their Snack!


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