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Chicks News - 19th January 2024

The Chicks have had a very busy week at 345 Wandsworth and have enjoyed exploring a variety of activities inspired by our topic books, Friendship is like a Seesaw by Shona Innes and Ìrisz Agócs for the Pink and Yellow Chicks and George’s 1st Day at Nursery by Neville Ashley for the Green and Orange Chicks. 

Our new starters have settled very well into nursery life and have been busy learning about our Classroom Principles at Circle Time and why it is so important to follow them. The Classroom Principles set the behavioural expectations for the children at nursery and they help to keep us all safe.

Orange and Green Chicks Focus Time activities were centred on getting to know our new friends and we also began exploring numbers and size in Maths. The Yellow and Pink Chicks worked on positional language and friendship activities. 

There was a lot of interest during our Free Play in Peppa Pig world, the Airport, Dolls House, Fire Station and the Space Rocket. During Free Play, the children also explored the unifix, practical life activities, playdough and loose parts. The particularly enjoyed experimenting with different textures; washing babies in soapy water, searching for insects in the kinetic sand and taking part in lots of different construction activities. 

Our Role Play Area was set up as a Home Corner and the Chicks kept busy looking after babies, hoovering, preparing coffees and teas for their friends and making phone calls. It was lovely to watch the children playing together so well and using their imagination to create different roles. 

The Pink and Yellow Chicks had their first Outdoor Learning Day of the term where they worked as a team to build Seesaw together. It was wonderful to watch them working together and using critical thinking to solve the problems which occurred during the process. 

For the last two weeks all of the Chicks have been working together on our Collaborative Art Project. They have created a big planet Earth with their hand prints around it which symbolises that we are all  friends. We also made kites and clouds using different techniques and materials. 

During our Cookery Sessions we made pizza faces, talked about the various ingredients and all enjoyed eating our yummy pizzas at Snack Time afterwards. 

The Chicks also took part in their first this term Write Dance session with Miss Jackie where the Orange and Green Chicks had fun making circular motions using scarves to ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ song and making circle movements with their hands on the tables in shaving foam. 

In the Outdoor Learning Environment thee Chicks went for a letter hunt, looked for the insects in the sand, had fun climbing on the climbing frame, dancing and singing with musical instruments and scarves, and playing different games which helped to strengthen their friendships. 

We are looking forward to another busy week next week at 345 Wandsworth. 


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