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Chicks News - 19th May 2023

Next week the children will be visiting the Fire Station and they are all very excited. The Chicks Topic Book this week was Flashing Fire Engines by Tony Mitton and this has informed a range of firefighter themed activities for the week. In the story, the children joined the brave animal firefighters as they rushed up to blazing buildings, hosed down sizzling flames and saved the day using their fabulous fire engines.

This topic is one of the Chicks' favourites. They love to become firefighters and put out the fires. Our Role Play area was transformed into a Fire station and the children worked together answering the phone, putting out fires and recusing people. In the Messy trays the children used pipettes and coloured water to put out the fires and had great fun putting out fires in the Outdoor Learning Environment with the spray bottles. This was also a great activity to develop the Chicks hand strength and muscles as they had to squeeze the button the the bottles to spray the water.

In the Construction Area the children built fire stations, bridges and towers using the large foam blocks and the wooden planks. On a smaller scale they used the Magnatiles, coloured blocks and Duplo to make wonderful buildings for the firefighters to come and rescue the people.

We have revisited shapes this week and the Children went on a shape hunt on their Outdoor Learning Walk to the Common. On the way they found lots of circles and squares. We continued our focus on shapes in our Focus Time activity where the children designed a fire engine using shapes and in our Literacy activity the children had great fun dressing the firefighters in their uniforms and discussing the safety equipment the firefighters must carry.


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