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Chicks News - 23rd February 2024

The Chicks have had a very busy week at 345 Wandsworth. It was so wonderful to see all the Chicks again and listen to their amazing half term adventures. During the week we enjoyed exploring a variety of activities inspired by our topic book Who lives here by Julia Donaldson and Rebecca Cobb. This is a beautiful story about one little boy who is very excited when he receives an invitation to go and play at his friend Dan's house. But there's just one problem, he doesn't know which house on South Street Dan lives in. Along the way he meets some very interesting neighbours, including a cook, a pirate and ghost. But which door does Dan live behind? A wonderful game of dressing-up awaits. Will he ever be able to find the right house?

We took inspiration from the book for our activities this week and the Chicks focused on building friendships and working as a group.   

Our PSED Focus Time this week was all about working as a group to build the house together using large blocks. All the children worked very hard and they built amazing houses together. 

Our Role Play Area this week has been set up as a ‘Supermarket’ and the children have been busy shopping, scanning products on the till and packing everything into the shopping trolley. All these activities help the children’s communication and language skills as they engage in conversations with each other and their teachers and also supports the development of their social skills as they make friends and develop their imaginative play with each other. 

For the Outdoor Learning Session this week we went to the Supermarket to buy different types of fruit for our Cookery Focus Time. All the Chicks were so good at holding onto the rope and walked nicely to the shop. At the shop we looked at different fruits, naming them and picking a few of our favourites to take back with us to Nursery. 

In Art we embraced the children’s love of DT in an activity where we painted boxes to make our own house. The children painted cardboard boxes and combined them together, some added paper tubes as a chimney and also used different pieces of paper to add some windows and doors. All the houses looked amazing and the children couldn't wait to take them home to show their families. 

During our Cookery session we made a delicious fruit salad for Orange and Green Chicks and fruit kebabs for Pink and Yellow Chicks using the fruit we bought during our visit to the Supermarket. We were so impressed at how well everyone cut the fruit and we enjoyed describing the colours, texture and taste of the different fruit. The Pink and Yellow Chicks practiced their hand-eye coordination as they stuck the fruits onto the skewers and the Orange and Green Chicks practiced working as a group, sharing and taking turns. 

During the Write Dance session with Miss Jackie, the Orange and Green Chicks had fun dancing to the music and making different movements with the scarves. They also made lots of different movements on the table with their hands in the flour and made marks on the black paper using chalk.  

We are looking forward to another busy week next week at 345 Wandsworth. 


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