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Chicks News - 23rd June 2023

This week the Chicks Topic Book was The Digger and the Flower by Joseph Kuefler which is a lovely story about a digger and a flower.

The construction vehicles are ready to work. "Let’s hoist" said Crane, "Let’s push" said Dozer, "Let's dig" said Digger and together they built tall buildings. They built roads and bridges until the loud whistle blew. All the vehicles were beat and took a break but Digger did not. He had found something in the rubble. It was a tiny flower and every day Digger visited the flower. He watered it and shielded it on windy days and just before he switched off for the night, Digger sang the flower a bedtime song. The City grew and soon there were no spaces left but one. Dozer started his engine and blew a big puff of smoke, cutting down the flower. Digger was sad but when the smoke disappeared he saw tiny seeds. Digger picked up the seeds and drove to where no construction vehicles had never been before and planted the seeds. Again Digger watered it, shielded it and sang to the seeds and watched the flowers grow.

We took inspiration from the book for our activities this week and in Art the children designed their own construction vehicles. The children selected different cut out shapes to make their vehicles. There were cranes, diggers, JCBs and many more wonderful vehicles. There were a variety of messy play available for the children to explore throughout the week and the children learnt new vocabulary while sticking down different construction vehicles in their Literacy activity. In Maths we continued to focus on our numeral recognition by counting in quantities to the written symbol up to 5.

The Chicks highlight of the week however was definitely Sports Day! We were all very proud of the children for taking part in a variety of different races. The Green and Orange Chicks had their Sports Day in the Outdoor Learning Environment and the Pink and Yellow Chicks joined the Fledglings on the Common. All the children received a medal and an ice lolly at the end of the races.

Well done Chicks!!


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