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Chicks News - 26th January 2024

The Chicks have had another busy and fun week at 345 Wandsworth. This week's topic book was Once Upon a Fairytale by Natalia and Lauren O’Hara and it is all about using your imagination. You can make your dreams come alive by casting a spell, have a feast with fairies or ride home on a unicorn. In this magical world you get to decide what character you would like to be and what will happen in your fairytale. There are lots of lovely pictures and these helped give the Chicks lots of ideas and to support their communication and language skills.


During the week the Chicks went on their Outdoor Learning Walk where they looked for various sticks which we brought back to the nursery. The next day we took inspiration from our topic book to use the sticks to make magical wands. We used a variety of sequins and gems to decorate and to develop the Chicks' fine motor skills.


For our Cooking session the Chicks loved making smoothies, using their wands to cast a special spell towards the end for a magical finish. The children practised scooping using a spoon, counted how many spoons of fruit they added, named fruits and discussed where they grow. The children used a knife to chop up the banana and also discussed their favourite fruits as well as talking about the importance of healthy eating to keep us all well and strong. The Chicks loved using a blender to see all the fruits combine together to make a smooth smoothie and everyone was very excited to enjoy their magical smoothies afterwards during Snack Time.


The Chicks have been on lots of adventures throughout the week and enjoyed exploring the Castle, Princesses, knights and trains. They practised developing their communication and language skills by re-enacting scenes from fairytale stories such as; ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, and ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The Chicks also explored a variety of resources such as; hand puppets, different materials and story spoons. The children particularly enjoyed our 'Tea Party' at 345 where they used pretend liquids to make a variety of drinks, such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate and babyccinos. They practised their pouring skills as well as scooping where they used a spoon to add the froth to the top of their delicious drinks.


In Art, the children chose different houses from the Fairytale book to decorate and to discuss. The Chicks used straw and different materials to decorate their houses and they talked about who lived inside that house.


In Write Dance the Yellow and Pink Chicks went on a magical adventure on their unicorns and horses, where they practised galloping. The children even used their wands to cast a spell. The Green and Orange Chicks practised circular movements, where they made pretend porridge by using a bowl and spoon. They then used conditioner to make further circular movements on the table.


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