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Chicks News - 28th June 2024

The Chicks have had a hot and busy week. Our Topic Story, ‘The Music In Me’ has had us thinking about our emotions and the music that we might feel going on inside of us. The book has lovely rhyming text and describes happy tunes and sleepy tunes, slow and fast beats which might go along with us feeling happy or sad, angry or calm. The Chicks have loved the music we have intertwined with the activities and Focus Times we have had this week.

We had free Art painting to a variety of music including Abba, Classical, Jazz and even some the sounds of a thunder storm. This activity allowed the Chicks to express themselves through colour and shape as they created their individual masterpieces.

Our role-play area was setup as a hairdresser’s and there has been some wonderful styling from the Chicks. This role-play allowed for lots of conversation and helped to children develop their Fine Motor skills as they used their pincer grip to use the hair clips.

During Free Play we developed our Fine Motor skills by building with sticklebricks, wooden blocks, hexagon construction and Magnatiles. The Chicks have also enjoyed lots of puzzles, small ones for individual use and larger ones that have encouraged the Chicks to work with one another to complete them. We have sung nursery rhymes and played instruments inside and in our Outdoor Learning Environment.

Our Maths activities have included counting music notes and matching them with the correct numerals. We created faces using two dimensional shapes and counted and sorted with the sequencing dogs and bears by colour and size.

In Write Dance we used music to encourage the Chicks to make shapes in a variety of ways, using baby oil and shaving foam for a more sensory experience as well as chalk, white board pens and felt pens to write on different surfaces. We had circles and loops with Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’, we had lines going up and down and handprints beating a tune to the Radetzky March by Johann Strauss. This activity was lots of fun and a lovely creative experience for the Chicks.

In our Outdoor Learning Environment, we had an assault course, encouraging us to go over and under and through to practise our Gross Motor Skills, but after each obstacle there was a musical instrument to play to practise our Fine Motor skills. We also enjoyed lots of water play to keep us cool in the heat.

We are looking forward to our final week of term and have our fingers crossed that our butterflies will emerge from their chrysalis for the children to see. There is a day of outdoor learning to look forward too and our end of year party!


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