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Chicks News - 29th September 2023

This week's topic story was What I Like About Me! By Alliance-Nolan. All the children in the book are different, and guess what? They love it. Some adore the fact that their braces dazzle and gleam, others feel distinguished when they wear glasses.

We took inspiration from the book to celebrate our differences. This week the children have been looking at themselves in a mirror and finding out what colour hair they have, if it’s straight, curly, short or long. They studied their friends and noticed that they were all different and unique. During our Cooking activity the children made pizzas using pastry and a variety of vegetables. We talked about what we like to eat and what we would have on our pizza base.

During Free Play the children played with the magnetic dressing up dolls, dressing them and looking at what colour their hair was and if they wore glasses. They loved washing the babies in soapy water while we talked about the different body parts and remembering to wash in between the toes! They also had a lot of fun singing and doing the actions to Heads Shoulders, Knees and Toes, especially when we sang very fast.

One of our highlights this week was taking part in our Harvest Festival celebrations. The children celebrated by giving food donations and alongside the Fledglings, the Chicks preformed a range of songs for the parents.

Reverend Steve from Balham Baptist Church came along to 345 Wandsworth to talk to the children about the Harvest and why it’s important to share our food with those that need it the most. We were all very proud of the Chicks for taking part in this important celebration. It was a wonderful way to end our week at nursery!


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