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Chicks News - 30th March 2023

This week the children have been learning about Ramadan and to support our learning we chose the topic book My First Ramadan by Karen Katz which has helped the children to understand the celebration. In the book, there is a new moon in the sky; it’s time for Ramadan to begin! The children followed along with one young boy as he observes the Muslim holy month with his family. This year, he wants to try to fast like the grownups do. His Daddy brings his family into morning prayer before he goes to school and at the end of the day, as the sun begins to set, he gets ready for his evening meal. We find out that before he sits down to eat he washes his hands and eats a sweet date and has a sip of water. This breaks the fast. At last it is time for Iftaar. After 4 weeks he looks up to the sky to see a silver moon. This means that Ramadan will end tomorrow. The next day everyone gathers together to celebrate Eid.

On Monday we had wonderful workshop where Miss Saira very kindly brought in items from home such as a prayer mat, pictures of the Mosque and pretty bangles and a dress she would wear for the party during Eid. The children listened attentively and loved wearing the bangles that weree passed around.

In other Ramadan focused activities the children made tea and cake for iftaar, and in our Role Play clothes shop the children bought clothes, shoes and pretty bangles to get ready for the big party at the end of Ramadan. They used the loose parts to decorate the Mosque on the Literacy table and with the Magnatiles they built Mosques and houses.

The children also enjoyed going on a Spring Walk around the estate where they looked for signs of spring and observed daffodils, bluebells and blossom on the trees. Once back at Nursery the children painted free style daffodils while looking closely at the daffodils that were displayed on the table.

The highlight of the week however was our Easter Parade where the children confidently put on their bonnets and walked around the climbing fame, showing their Mummies their beautiful Easter Bonnets. Well done also to the Mummies for helping to make such beautiful Easter bonnets!

On the last day of term the children were all excited to go into our Outdoor Learning Environment to find Easter eggs that were hidden. They searched high and low before spotting them hiding under the climbing frame. The children were surprised to find a treat attached to their beautifully decorated egg.

Have a lovey Easter and we all look forward to another fun and busy Summer term.


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