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Chicks News - 30th September 2022

This week the Chicks topic book was Kindness makes us Strong by Sophie Beer which is a

story all about the different acts of kindness.

In the story we find out that kindness is a friendly hello, a roaring cheer, a quick boost and kindness is what makes us strong. The children have throughly enjoyed listening to this story and looking at the lovely illustrations. This story shows that kindness comes in different forms, from sharing food at lunchtime, to sharing the bike path and helping our neighbours when then need a little help. This sweet pre- school story has showed the children different ways to be kind, whether at nursery, at home or in the community.

We continued a focus on kindness in our Art project this week where we extended the children awareness of the classroom principles and the importance of being kind to others. To support this, the Chicks made hearts using different coloured tissue paper to represent their 'kind hearts'. To create their 'gentle hands' the children painted their hands in their chosen colour.

This week the Chicks have also been engaged in a range of fine motor activities and there is no better way to develop their fine motor skills than through messy play! The children love to explore water and messy activities and this week they poured water using jugs and transferred coloured water using the pipettes. They also enjoyed using spoons to transfer sand, shaving foam and rice into coloured bowls.

One of the letter sounds we introduced this week was ‘p’. The children had great fun blowing bubbles with straws and paint. When the bubbles were formed the Chicks popped the bubbles while sounding out the sound, “Pop, pop, pop" went the bubbles.

We have had a lot of fun in the Outdoor Learning Environment this week and in Sports Mr. Alex focused on developing the children's ball skills, gross motor skills and hand eye-coordination when throwing, kicking and catching a ball. In other outdoor activities, the Chicks planted flowers and bulbs. We discussed the life cycle of a plant and the children can’t wait to see what flowers will emerge in the Spring time!


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