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Chicks News - 3rd May 2024

This week our topic book was Wow Weather by Paul Deanno. This is a delightful book which explains the different types of weather, from hurricanes, tornadoes and lightning, to how many ‘elephants’ a puffy cloud weighs. It also explains how it can snow in the summer – WOW Weather covers it all! The Chicks loved learning all about the magic of weather and this continued to inform our activities throughout the week.

In the Messy Trays the Chicks built a snowman in the 'snow' and made a 'stormy stew' with the Loose Parts and yellow powder paint. On the Art Table the children continued with our weather theme by making a 'stormy collage' with cotton wool and puffy paint for the clouds. The children used cotton buds to make rain clouds and added a bright sunshine to their picture.

The Chicks particularly enjoyed making up 'stormy scenarios' using the props and the Small World pirates, sailing the stormy seas in search of treasure. During our Maths Lesson the Chicks counted in quantities up to 5, adding raindrops to their clouds.

In the Outdoor Learning Environment the children were amazed to see their own shadows on the ground and we all had great fun moving our arms and legs to make shapes on the ground. The children also used the coloured glass shapes to make houses and enjoyed looking at the different reflections on their creations.

The biggest highlight of the week however was our trip to Dean City Farm. The Chicks all had a wonderful morning stroking the rabbits and the Guinea pigs, feeding the cows, goats and sheep. They listened to Farmer Ben’s instructions and we were amazed to see how many of the children were brave enough feeding the animals themselves, holding out their hands flat with the food ready for the animals. The children laughed and giggled as the animals ticked their hands. 

The Chicks all found it particularly funny when Farmer Ben folded the Ferret in half to show us how flexible they are! We finished the day by washing our hands and getting back on the coach for our journey back to Nursery. It was such a brilliant, busy morning that some of the Chicks fell asleep on the journey back to 345.

The next day during Free Play there was lots of chatter amongst the Chicks about our trip to the Farm and it was wonderful to watch them incorporating their experiences into their play with the Small World farm and farm animals.

We are all looking forward to another fun packed week at 345 where the children will be leaning about numbers and sizes.


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