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Chicks News - 9th February 2024

This week the Chicks have been celebrating the Lunar New Year. To help celebrate the children learnt how a little girl gets ready for her First Chinese New Year in the story My First Chinese New Year by Karen Katz.

We continued our Lunar New Year celebrations throughout the week and in the Role Play Chinese Restaurant the Chicks were busy cooking noodles and dumplings for their friends. The Chicks also developed their fine motor skills, by using the chopsticks to pick up the wool noodles.

The children continued to develop their fine motor skills by practicing how to write Chinese letters using sand and chalks. Elsewhere in the classroom the children used a variety on construction materials to build houses, flats and Pagodas.

The children’s cooking activity this week was making Spring Rolls. We discussed the ingredients and the children chopped the pepper and added the ingredients to the pastry before rolling the pastry into tight cylinders with all the ingredients. Once they were all tightly rolled we put them in the oven and the children were very excited to ear them afterwards - they were delicious!

One of the Chicks highlights this week was wearing the dragon’s head and dancing to “The Dragon dance". The children also used pom poms and streamers during their Write Dance session and developed their gross motor skills by making circular and straight lines on the paper and with the shaving foam.


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