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Fledglings News - 10th November 2023

The Fledglings have had a busy week learning about the festival of light, Diwali. Our Topic Book The Best Diwali Ever focuses on a family celebrating Diwali and explores how sometimes even though things aren’t perfect they can still be the best. The beautiful and colourful pictures really engaged the children and we had lots of thoughtful questions about the celebration.

Exploring the celebration of Diwali led to lots of mathematical exploration including patterns and symmetry which feature frequently in decorations such as Rangoli and we used these ideas throughout our Free Play activities. We extended this across our activities and the children loved making Rangoli patterns in a variety of different ways; with pens, colourful collage paper, loose parts and during our Outdoor Learning Day using leaves and sticks.

On the last day we turned our focus to Remembrance Day and discussed how the country has been and is protected by the Armed Forces. We created pictures of the children standing in the iconic silhouette of the soldiers and we designed poppies using oil pastels. One of our teachers had photos and guide books from the HMS Belfast which the children delighted in looking at and learning about. We also observed a minute’s silence.


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