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Fledglings News - 12th January 2024

It has been wonderful welcoming the Fledglings back to the nursery and hearing about all their lovely adventures over the Christmas Holidays. The children have loved sharing their pictures (from our online journal) with their friends and building their recall, turn taking and literacy skills as we shared our Holiday News during Focus Time. 

The Fledglings have embraced our Topic Story this week The Rainbow Fish and this story has enabled us to recap our Classroom Principles through an engaging story. This has also led to lots of bright artwork where the children designed their own fish using large cardboard stencils for the body, tail and fins which resulted in a variety of shaped fish. They added colourful paper scales and drew on details such as eyes. We also explored sponge and bubble wrap printing to add further scenery details to our display. 

Our Maths Focus Time was a highlight as the children enjoyed racing newspaper fish and exploring distance, measurement and ordering items by place, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The children were also excited to see our peripatetic teachers for Music and Sports this week. We explored rhythm, beats and learning to read music with Mr Alex for our Music lesson and in Sports Coach Alex continued to build our gross motor and coordination skills.

We have a busy first half term coming up as we begin our Artists Topics for our upcoming Art Exhibition and we are all very excited for the fun and activities ahead! 


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