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Fledglings News - 15th September 2023

The Fledglings have enjoyed a busy first week, getting back into the routine of nursery life. We continued with our topic book Our Class is a Family and the children continued with our Art project using the watercolour paints to create self-portraits for our display board. We also designed invitations to send to our Grandparents in preparation for Grandparents’ Day.

The children have loved exploring the Free Play activities we have set up around the classroom. They have showed particular enjoyment in the Practical Life equipment including scooping, pouring and hole punching.

During our first Outdoor Learning Day we recapped the Safe Zone rules and the children demonstrated great understanding of the reasons behind the rules. We collected a variety of items including conkers, acorns and sticks to bring back to the classroom where the children spent time looking in closer detail at the items using the magnifying glasses.

This week we also welcomed our peripatetic teachers to the classroom where the children engaged with Spanish, Music and Sports sessions. The children have loved spending time in small groups and we were so impressed with their concentration skills during our Focus Times where we discussed our weekend adventures. Elsewhere in the classroom the Fledglings have been building communication and language skills, exploring Literacy and Maths concepts and participating in a variety of STEAM based activities based on the children’s interests.


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