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Fledglings News - 19th January 2024

The Fledglings began their Artists Topic this week and we started with the colourful art of Reggie Laurent. We looked at examples of his work, and learnt about his life and took inspiration from him as we created our own artwork in his style. It was great to see the children developing their creative thinking skills as they cut out colourful shapes to arrange on their black canvas before adding details with metallic pens. We are already getting excited for the Art Exhibition just before half term! 

Alongside all of our creative work we enjoyed developing our fine motor skills with cutting activities and playdough, and we explored construction in a small space using frames to mark out our area for construction and then photographed our work for display. We also loved using our Art Wall in the Role Play Area where we placed a wipe clean surface and white board pens for the children to explore mark making on a large vertical surface. 

Our first Outdoor Learning Day was a chilly one but we enjoyed playing parachute games and going on a Winter Scavenger Hunt to keep warm. It was great to see the children embracing being outside and active in all weather. 

During our Focus Lessons this week we have explored 3D shapes, rhyming and colour, with our walking rainbow experiment being a highlight for many of the children. It was great to see them developing their thinking and prediction skills as we worked together to set up the experiment. We are eagerly anticipating Monday morning to see how the experiment has progressed!


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