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Fledglings News - 1st December 2023

The Fledglings have continued to enjoy our festive activities as we explored the Topic Story Pick a Pine Tree. The themes from the story led to lots of decorating activities including adding the Fledglings being able to add their own decorations to our classroom Christmas tree. We also collaboratively built and decorated an egg box tree as part of a process art project which evolved throughout the week.

We have continued to rehearse our Nativity in preparation for filming and our live audience, and all of the children have been very excited. There was much delight this week as we enjoyed fitting our costumes and the children loved seeing their characters really come to life as they donned the clothes.

As we come to the end of term we enjoyed a very cold and frosty morning on the common for our last Outdoor Learning Day of the year. Everyone came well wrapped up and we played active group games to stay warm as well as the big highlight being some yummy sugar free hot chocolate. We can't wait to continue the festivities next week!


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