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Fledglings News - 24th June 2022

This week our topic was Ready, Steady, Mo by Mo Farrah and this offered a brilliant opportunity to talk about the benefits of exercise and to support our learning about who Mo Farrah is and what he has achieved. The children enjoyed discussing who he is and they were fascinated by his achievements. We linked this topic to our Sports Day and understanding of health more generally. The children discussed how exercise made their body feel and how it benefits them in the long-term. We extend this topic to our Role Play area which was set up as a ‘Gym’. The children enjoyed exploring the area throughout the week where they tried different exercises such as weightlifting, jumping, balancing and using fitness bands for strength. We continued to extend this in our Outdoor Learning Environment where the children used activity cards to a range of exercises including running and doing star jumps,. During Free Play the children enjoyed exploring lots of different activities including small world play, deconstruction and free art activities. It was lovely to see the children independently explore safely using tools and developing their imagination and creativity. In the Outdoor Learning Environment the most popular activity was our car track building activity where the children worked together to build a track for cars and raising it to different heights to make the cars go faster. Our main focus this week however has been on our Sports Day on Friday which was a great success. The children did extremely well with their races and their team spirit was inspiring.

It was lovely to see the parents showing their support by dressing up in their team colours as well as joining in with the parents and siblings’ races. We had a wonderful day where we celebrated the importance of exercise and teamwork. The children were excited to cheer eachother on and they all received a medal and some healthy ice cream at the end followed by a picnic!


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