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Fledglings News - 27th May 2022

This week our topic was Does the Queen Wears Her Crown in Bed? by Marion McAuley. The book discusses the Royal Family and the duties they carry out ranging from official events to other aspects of interacting with the public. In the story we also learn what the Queen’s favourite things to do are and what her role is in our society. It shows pictures of the members of the Royal Family as well as of their different houses and palaces. Throughout the week we focused on getting ready for our Art exhibition which took place on Friday. We invited the parents to look at the wonderful Artwork the children had created and to celebrate the culmination of our Artists topic with us.

The children were very excited and exceptionally proud to show their parents around and to discuss how they created their different artworks. One of our Art projects was turned into a selfie corner where children had a lot of fun taking pictures with their parents.

Later that day we put our costumes where the children had a lot of fun dressing up as Kings, Queens, Princesses and Knights. Finally we were dressed ready to begin our Queen’s Jubilee celebrations by having a tea party with cucumber sandwiches. During the tea party the children worked on their coordination and fine motor skills by making their own sandwiches. They spread butter on their bread and they helped cut the cucumber. Then they assembled their sandwiches and ate it with gusto!


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