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Fledglings News - 28th June 2024

The Fledglings have been focused on preparation for our Leavers Show this week. The rehearsals are going well and the children are loving the songs we have chosen. There is excitement all around as we prepare them for the transition to Reception.

One of our Focus Time activities this week has been recalling favourite events and activities from throughout the year. This linked to this week’s Topic Story ‘The Paper Dolls’ as we thought about memories we had made. The children shared a variety of memorable moments including playing with their friends, seeing their teachers and performing in our Nativity and preparing for the Leavers Show. 

This week we also had the chance to prepare the current Chicks for their transitions to either the Fledglings or to another teacher for the children who will continue in the Chicks. We were so proud to be welcoming the next Fledglings groups and getting to know each other better. 

There is so much happening behind the scenes at the moment as we prepare for the end of term including removing the children’s Art Projects from display and gathering them for the folders. We can’t believe the academic year is nearly over! 


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