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Fledglings News - 2nd February 2024

The Fledglings classroom has been busy with activity this week as we finalise our projects for the Art Exhibition before half term. The children have loved the different styles we have worked with and this week’s self portraits have been no exception. We explored colour mixing as we looked closely at our features and worked to create the right skin, hair and eye colours. We have been working hard to keep our artwork a surprise for the upcoming exhibition and the children’s excitement has been growing each day as we near the big event. 

In our Focus Times we love sharing our Weekend News on a Monday and the children delight in sharing their pictures with their peers and recalling events from their home life. This is a big highlight for many of the children and having pictures to share from the online journal helps the children to make links between home life and nursery.

In our Maths lesson this week we enjoyed practising our independent number formation, using whiteboards to enable us to wipe out and keep trying until we got our numbers right. We were so impressed with the children's perseverance in this activity and there was lots of excitement when we succeeded. 

We enjoyed some beautiful weather on the common on our Outdoor Learning Day and we created some cloud art based on the book ‘Little Cloud’, by our Person of Interest for this term Eric Carle. The children had some lovely ideas about what shapes their clouds could become and we had some lovely discussions about the weather. We also enjoyed playing Hide and Seek amongst the bushes and discovered lots of interesting branches which we included in our play. 

We are excited to celebrate the Lunar New Year next week and learn about how this event is celebrated around the world. 


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