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Fledglings News - 3rd November 2023

The Fledglings have had a fantastic week back after half term and have been so excited to see each other and welcome new friends to the classroom. Our Topic Story this week was Tilda Tries Again which focused on persevering, especially when things are difficult and it was great to see the children getting on board with the concept.

Many of our activities this week focused on building the children’s growth mindset and not worrying about making mistakes. This involved construction challenges, Maths activities and fine motor skills as well as a collaborative Art project. Throughout these activities, if the children were finding certain elements challenging, we would remind the children by asking “What would Tilda do?” They would say “She tries again” and then they would too.

Our Outdoor Learning Day activities involved creating with nature and we made necklaces and bunting by threading leaves onto string, building the children’s fine motor skills. Their focus and determination during this activity led to us continuing and extending the activity in the classroom by adding beads to thread with the leaves, designing patterns and further developing the children's dexterity.

In our Investigation Area we have lots of lovely plants and the children have enjoyed collecting the buds from the lavender plant as it has finished flowering. We built on their interest and incorporated this into our Focus Time this week where we used the collected flowers to create playdough to use during our Free Play. The children worked in their groups taking turns to measure, pour, mix and kneed the dough. The Fledglings loved that they had been able to collect the buds to go in the dough themselves and are so excited to use it next week.


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