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Fledglings News - 6th October 2023

The Fledglings started the week with the highly anticipated Bring Grandparents’ to Nursery Day. We started the morning by baking some flapjacks for the Grandparents to take home and Mr Marc came early for our weekly Spanish lesson before the Grandparents arrived. The Fledglings showed them around the classroom and our Outdoor Learning Environment and loved engaging in Small World play, Art activities and lots of lovely conversations. It is such a special event in the Fledglings calendar and we loved welcoming so many grandparents into the classroom.

We chose thee topic book T-Veg to extend the children’s understanding of Harvest. The fun, colourful pictures captured the children’s attention and we loved reading the story throughout the week and the Small World play designed around the book were very popular as the children developed their recall skills as they played. This interest in the story was continued through our Literacy Focus Time where we used pictures from the book to sequence the key events in the story.

The children love our Outdoor Learning Days where we spend the morning out of the classroom and take our learning to different areas of the common. This week we took a selection of pots, pans, buckets and spoons for the children to incorporate into their play and we explored some paining using conkers which we collected on our way.

It has been another wonderful week in the Fledglings classroom and we are excited for the upcoming week which includes another special event in the 345 calendar, our fundraiser for Mary’s Meals.


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