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Fledglings News - 7th June 2024

The Fledglings have had a busy week returning from half term and getting straight into Sports Day preparations. Our Topic Story this week was Spinderella, where we explored counting beyond ten and making groups of equal numbers. The children were enthralled by the book and requested it be read during Free Play as well as during Snack and Circle times. 

The Fledglings have been collecting yogurt lids for our Art project and they were extremely excited to use them to create our fine motor control spiders. The children had to thread pipe cleaners through the spaces and then add eyes. This activity encouraged lots of discussion about spiders and they loved learning that spiders not only have eight legs but also eight eyes. 

We have also enjoyed our favourite classroom activities and some new ones as well. The microscopes were a big hit and they loved viewing parts of plants and insects through the viewfinders. 


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