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Fledglings News - 9th September 2022

The children have had a wonderful start to the Autumn term and it has been amazing to see how smoothly they have made the transition from the Chicks to the Fledglings. The have enjoyed getting to know their teachers Miss Leanne and Miss Emma and learning their new routines.

As we welcomed the children we introduced a new Cultural Capital aspect to the curriculum where each term we have a 'Person of Interest' who we will focus on. For this term we are looking at Sir David Attenborough, building on the children’s fascination with animals and nature. The book David Attenborough, which is part of the Little People, Big Dreams series has been very popular with the children and they have enjoyed interacting with the props in the story basket.

Our activities this week have included lots of small world play including the farm, castle and dinosaurs. The Fledglings love using the resources to develop storylines, enhancing their communication and language skills and enabling them to recall stories and it has been wonderful observing the imaginative role play scenarios they have been creating.

Our Art activity had been focused around our holiday adventures and the children have painted some lovely, bright pictures which we will display in the classroom. Following the holiday theme, our role play area was travel based and the children used the writing prompts to discuss their holidays and the variety of ways they travelled.

It has been a wonderful first week and we can't wait to continue exploring the classroom and activities on offer next week!


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