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Chicks News - 10th March 2023

This week the Chicks topic book has been about a very selfish crocodile and the children have loved getting to know the animals in the story and learning about Oral Hygiene.

The Selfish Crocodile by Faustin Charles and Michael Terry is about a very large snappy crocodile that shouts his message across to the other animals.”Stay away from my river!, or I’ll eat you all!’ The animals in the forest don’t know what to do. The are frightened of the crocodile. Even the fish, tadpoles, frogs and crabs stay out of the water until one day, the creatures are woken by a loud groaning sound which turns out to be the selfish crocodile in a lot of pain, and the smallest of them all, a little mouse, finds a ways to solve their snappy dilemma!

The children love to explore the large teeth in the classroom, brushing them using toothpaste and shaving foam and this week the children have brushed lots of teeth! This sparked discussion on why and when we should brush our teeth. Some of the children have visited the dentist and were able to share their experiences of what happens and why we go. We also talked a lot about the importance of eating healthy foods and discussed why sweets were bad. This opened up a lot of discussion around whether the selfish crocodile ate lots of sweets and cakes and maybe that was why he had a bad tooth.

The children went to the Common on their Learning walk and this week we went on a AnimaPhonics letter hunt. The children were all very excited to find the letters hidden in the trees and on the soil and we were so impressed at how good they are getting at sounding out the sounds while doing the actions. Just before we went back to Nursery the children developed their gross motor skills by climbing the trees.

Back at Nursery the children loved playing in the role play home corner, tending to the babies, taking them for walks to the playground and the shops. On the Messy table they washed and dried the babies. We also used the toothbrushes to clean the dinosaurs and this activity was very popular!

When playing in the Mud Kitchen the Chicks enjoy making a variety of soups so this week’s cooking lesson was all about how to make a healthy soup. The children chopped parsnips, carrots and potatoes. They then used scissors to cut up the parsley before putting the soup into pan with some stock, ready to be cooked by the teacher. The soup was very yummy and all the children enjoyed it eating it at Snack Time!

For our Focus Maths activity this week the children counted and stuck teeth into the Selfish Crocodiles mouth on their activity sheet. The crocodile had lots of teeth and some of the children counted all the way up to 20!


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