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Chicks News - 11th February 2022

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Our topic book this week was The Journey Home From Grandpa’s by Jemima Lumley. In the book we're invited to buckle up and join the other travellers on a journey home from Grandpa's house. On the journey the travellers watch everything that whizzes past the window. The children loved joining the journey and spotting all of the different types of transport on the way as they passed from the countryside to city.This was a brilliant book to extend our learning about different colours and types of transport and the Chicks loved singing along with Fred Penner to the catchy road trip song.

The Chicks extended their learning about transport in our Role Play Bus where they worked together to keep the bus running on time. They took turns to be the bus driver and took their passengers on amazing journeys to the farm, shops and the seaside. They remembered to buy their tickets and jumped on and off at the right stop. The best part of the journey however was ringing the bell when it was time to stop!

We continued the fun on our mark making paper where the Green and Orange Chicks enjoyed driving their vehicles along the bumpy roads and making wheel marks on the paper with different coloured paints. The Pink and Yellow Chicks developed their fine motor skills by carefully following the lines on their activity sheets, taking their vehicles to the correct destination.

The Chicks love getting messy and this week we explored different modes of transport in our messy trays. We drove cars in shaving foam, gravel and paint and made observations and predictions on the types of patterns the wheels would make. Some were smooth and others were wobbly!

We continued to take inspiration from our topic book in Cookery by making lots of delicious sandwiches for Grandpa. We discussed what sandwiches he would like to eat before making our own sandwich to enjoy during Snack Time. The children practiced their spreading and cutting skills before carefully assembling their sandwiches and cutting them into squares or triangles!

To extend the children's interest in mini-beasts from last week we decided to go on a group mini-beast hunt on our Outdoor Learning Day. We walked to the Common and with the magnifying glasses and spades we got to work. It was a little bit tricky at first to find the bugs as like some animals, bugs also like to hibernate in the Winter. But, with some determination and patience the children found an array of wonderful mini-beasts including slugs, woodlice, centipedes and worms. Everyone was very excited and it was amazing to notice the details on the bugs by looking closer at them under our magnifying glasses. We decided to take a few bugs back with us to nursery for the Green and Orange Chicks to observe and at the end of the morning the children carefully placed them in our bug hotel in the garden.


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