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Chicks News - 17th March 2023

This week was all about our Mummies and to celebrate this we chose the topic book Guess How Much I Love You by Sam McBratney. This story is a beloved classic and we adapted this story around our Mummies rather than our Daddies. Little Nutbrown hare shows his Mummy how much he loves her: as wide as he can reach and as far as he can hop. But big Nutbrown hare, who can reach and hop higher, loves him back just as much. Well then little Nutbrown hare loves her right up to the moon , but that is just half way to big Nutbrown hare’s love for him, loving him all the way up to the moon and back!

This was a brilliant way to encourage conversations about our Mummies and how special they are and to build up our excitement to our annual 'Bring Mummy to School Day' which we celebrated this week. The Chicks loved welcoming their Mummies into the classroom and were very excited to be able make their Easter bonnets with their Mummies too! There was a buzz of creativity int he classroom and some wonderful Easter bonnets were made, covered in eggs, bunnies, carrots, flowers feathers and much more! All the bonnets are a work of art and extremely beautiful. We can’t wait until next week where the children will be putting on a Easter parade for their Mummies and of course the teachers.

This weeks Maths activity has been all about positional language and the Chicks challenge was to reach as high an they could, and swing their arms as wide as they could. The children also listened very carefully to the instructions given by the teachers and were able to place their little Nutbrown hare on top of the hill and in front of the house on their activity sheet.

We continued to explore themes related to our topic book throughout the week and the children throughly enjoyed playing sleeping bunnies where they hopped like bunnies and copied the actions in the story book while the teacher read the story.

On the Art table the children have been busy making Mother's Day cards. They used marbles and paint to make our planet Earth and while their card was drying the children happily wrote their names on paper ready to stick into the card. On Friday the Chicks were all excited to give their Mummies their cards and homemade biscuits to wish them a happy Mother’s Day and of course the highlight was eating the biscuits together!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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