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Chicks News - 19th November 2021

We began our Nursery festivities this week by learning all about the Nativity story in our topic book My First Christmas by Stephen Barker. This was a wonderful story to introduce the story of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. The children adored the illustrations and eagerly anticipated the last pop up page which brought all the characters to life.

The children became familiar with all the Nativity characters through the story and actively participated in our Circle Time where we recalled the events and characters from the story while playing with the Nativity Scene. The children went on to create their own Nativity scenes in Focus Time and we were so impressed with their ability to sequence the key events and retell parts of the story!

During Maths we continued to take inspiration from our Nativity story through a range of Christmas themed activities which involved stars and Christmas trees. The Green Chicks focused on comparing sizes and worked to differentiate between the large and small objects. They then put their learning into practice by individually sequencing stars on their activity sheet according to their size. The Pink and Yellow Chicks in contrast worked on their counting and numeral recognition skills and were given the challenge of decorating a Christmas tree with a corresponding number of baubles.

In Art we made salt dough Christmas tree decorations which we painted and decorated with glitter. There were some beautiful decorations created and we can’t wait to display these on our tree in the classroom! The children also used sponges and cutters to print stars onto bags which will soon be filled with lovely Christmas surprises for the Chicks parents and families to enjoy. In Music we have continued to practise the songs for our Christmas concert and the children are getting increasingly confident in singing with loud and clear voices.

It has been lovely to observe the children starting to take more risks and to challenge themselves when playing in our Outdoor Learning Environment. A highlight was watching a group of children working together to build bridges with wooden planks before trying to balance carefully to successfully walk across and cross the bridge! We also saw some of the children started to push themselves to climb higher on the climbing frames with many of the Chicks now exploring how to climb on the outer edge of the frame and learning to assess risks independently.


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