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Fledglings News - 26th March 2021

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Our topic this week has been Easter focused in the build up to the end of the Spring Term. Throughout the week the children have enjoyed engaging with a wide range of Spring and Easter themed activities.

During our Art activity the children created wonderful Easter baskets and Easter bonnets, in preparation for our celebrations at the end of the week. They used a range of coloured paper, paint and collage materials to decorate them, developing their fine motor skills through, gluing, cutting and sticking. In Free Play the Fledglings continued with the theme of Easter through a range of different activities including still life drawing of daffodils at the mark making table and creating transient art by decorating egg shaped paper with loose part materials.

During Maths we continued developing our counting skills through using a tally chart to count Easter related objects. This activity was based on the children’s interest of counting vehicles using a tally chart during one of our recent environmental walks. The children showed a great understanding of the need to count the objects one by one and were. confident in how to mark them with tallies on their activity sheets. We extended this activity by encouraging the children to count the tallies and to identify the quantity of the objects before practicing forming the numbers independently.

In the Red Group’s bubble the Role Play area has been set up as a construction site. The children have worked hard to build houses and towers and have been busy fixing chairs and tables around the classroom. It was wonderful to see how well the children played together using their imagination and imaginative language to create and extend their different role play scenarios.

In the Blue Group’s bubble the Role Play area was set up as a theatre. The children had lots of fun performing their favourite songs on the stage, dressing up in costumes and using props such as umbrellas and musical instruments whilst they acted out different scenes and sang their favourite songs.

This week we continued with our environmental walks. The Fledglings love these opportunities to discover our outside world and this week our task was to observe the different flowers using magnifying glasses. We filled out an ‘I spy’ checklist noting down all of our observations and the recalling the different types of flowers we had seen. While observing the environment we discussed the differences between the colours, shapes and scents of the flowers we found. We were able to identify a range of wonderful flowers including daffodils, daises and bluebells.

On Friday the children played an egg matching game. There were colourful eggs hidden around our Outdoor Learning Environment. The Fledglings were given a coloured egg with the task of then hunting for the matching colour egg. We extended this activity by some eggs having a different colour at the top and at the bottom so the children had concentrate extra hard to make sure that their egg matched not only in colour but also that the colours were in the right order.

We finished the week with an Easter Egg hunt celebration using the Easter baskets that the children had made earlier on in the week. The children had lots of fun searching for the hidden eggs and it was wonderful to see how excited and proud they were of their wonderful Easter bonnets which they wore during the hunt. It has been a lovely last week before the Easter Holiday and we are looking forward to welcoming the children back soon to continue our learning and play.


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